Maker, Creative Technologist

  • I make things and teach others to make things too.

    Co-inventor of the ODO tracking system.

    I love to talk about creating things, from comics to apps. I've immersed myself in tech because I like a challenge. I've immersed myself in education because I love helping people grow. I'm interested in finding people's' pain points and easing them, building good things for good people.

The Blog

  • Hiding In Plain Sight

    With the world being what it is, telecoms getting tighter control over networks, and surveillance projects like PRISM around, decentralizing communication and hiding...

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The Jobs

  • Creative Technologist

    inventHQ, Broomfield Library

    01-15-2019 to now

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The Education

The Projects

  • ODO Tracking System

    Patented as of July 2018. Created because I noticed a need. Before this project, machine uptime was tracked using a bike odometer and time was logged at the end of the day. Initially Python scripts ran on Raspberry Pis to send data from machine to a Rails API, which built reports and crunched numbers regarding job costs, operator performance, and material used. Project now implements a PHP backend. I managed the project, acting as the go-between for the developers and management. I still consult on this project.


    Contributions: Functionality

    Initial Technologies: Rails, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

    Current Technologies: PHP, HTML, CSS, Python

  • space-gallery

    Uses A-frame for VR handling and React for handling state. Designed to create an immersive experience for an illustrator, with the hopes of promoting her work.



    Contributions: Functionality

    Technologies A-Frame, React

  • Just the Links

    Ongoing open source project. This is a way for those with sight-based disabilities to better interact with the website Hackernews. Uses Sinatra to create said accessible static HTML pages.



    Contributions: Functionality

    Technologies Sinatra, HTML

  • RefBot

    Art reference app. Collates and collects image urls and allows user to set sizes. Intended for artists to gather reference without worrying about multiple browser windows.



    Contributions: Functionality, Logo

    Technologies AngularJS, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

  • This Site and Blog

    Simple design and thoughts about stuff.