Web Developer

  • HTML/CSS, JavaScript and Ruby are my jams. Experience with Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, jQuery.

    Sole developer at a manufacturer in Santa Fe Springs, developing a machine usage tracking app which already is paying dividends. I aspire to make apps that look good to the user, and code that looks good to fellow developers.

    Interests: Efficiency, building things (whether with my 3d printer, my hands, or my keyboard), measuring the unmeasured.

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  • myodotracker

    Tracks runtimes of manufacturing devices with input from web-enabled odometers currently under development. I went with Rails because of familiarity. The app is API-like, since data is coming from outside source, but is not decoupled, as the app also handles views.

    Contributions: Functionality

    Technologies Rails, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

  • RefBot

    Art reference app. Collates and collects image urls and allows user to set sizes. Intended for artists to gather reference without worrying about multiple browser windows.

    site: descartez.github.io/refbot/

    repo: github.com/descartez/refbot

    Contributions: Functionality, Logo

    Technologies AngularJS, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

  • This Site and Blog

    Simple design and thoughts about stuff.