Web Developer

  • HTML/CSS, JavaScript and Ruby are my jams. Experience with Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, jQuery.

    Sole developer at a manufacturer in Santa Fe Springs, developing a machine usage tracking app which already is paying dividends. I aspire to make apps that look good to the user, and code that looks good to fellow developers.

    Interests: Efficiency, building things (whether with my 3d printer, my hands, or my keyboard), measuring the unmeasured.

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The Projects

  • myodotracker

    Patent pending project. Created because I noticed a need. Before this project, machine uptime was tracked using a bike odometer and time was logged at the end of the day. Python scripts run on Raspberry Pis to send data from machine to PHP API, which builds reports to crunch numbers regarding job costs, operator performance, and material used. I manage the project, acting as the go-between for the developers and management.

    Contributions: Functionality

    Technologies Rails, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

  • space-gallery

    Uses A-frame for VR handling and React for handling state. Designed to create an immersive experience for an illustrator, with the hopes of promoting her work.

    site: descartez.github.io/space-gallery/

    repo: github.com/descartez/space-gallery

    Contributions: Functionality

    Technologies A-Frame, React

  • Just the Links

    Ongoing open source project. This is a way for those with sight-based disabilities to better interact with the website Hackernews. Uses Sinatra to create said accessible static HTML pages.

    site: http://justthelinks.herokuapp.com

    repo: github.com/descartez/just-the-links

    Contributions: Functionality

    Technologies Sinatra, HTML

  • RefBot

    Art reference app. Collates and collects image urls and allows user to set sizes. Intended for artists to gather reference without worrying about multiple browser windows.

    site: descartez.github.io/refbot/

    repo: github.com/descartez/refbot

    Contributions: Functionality, Logo

    Technologies AngularJS, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

  • This Site and Blog

    Simple design and thoughts about stuff.