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  • Hiding In Plain Sight

    With the world being what it is, telecoms getting tighter control over networks, and surveillance projects like PRISM around, decentralizing communication and hiding it from surveillance is more important than ever.

  • Limited Edition Boots

    Dev Bootcamp is closing.

  • 5 Reasons I love Buzzfeed's Solid Framework

    Wait, that Buzzfeed They have a framework?

  • API Report Card: What makes a good API?

    A Retrospective

    I’ve been working as a developer at Steven Label for a little over a year now, developing a machine-usage tracking API called myodotracker. It takes JSON objects from Raspberry Pi’s that we’ve hooked to each manufacturing machine, registering starts and stops which then is parsed out on the back end. This has allowed for us to look at pain points in the production lifecycle of our products, from operator efficiency to repair times. I thought after this time I’d look back at what makes a good API and how to best build from the ground up.

  • Today's Word is...

    Is hidden in this giant string. So how do we find it?

  • Partials, Ajax, and Partial Simplicity

    If you haven’t looks at this ajax pattern by Sebastián González, it’s worth a look. I’ve been obsessed with it for the past few weeks, mainly because it promised a better way to do ajax with Rails. So

  • One Hard Thing

    I wake up at 5 every weekday morning. I wish I could say that it was because I wanted to make the most of the day, coding and reading before work. I do those things, but that’s really a side effect. It’s funny because the waking up was a side-effect of new medication I was taking. I decided to screw it and plan on waking up then anyway. There was no grand plan.

  • Wanted: Restrictions

    Artist’s will tell you the worst thing they ever encounter is a blank canvas.

  • Boredom is Good

    Uh, what?

  • Brutalism For The Web

    Why This Site Looks This Way

    Because in a world of big images, html5 videos, and big fancy animations, it’s nice to just have information and readability above all. This isn’t to say that those things aren’t great. Cool things happen there.

  • So You Want to Learn to Program


    Learning to program isn’t easy. It requires a growth mindset, and the knowledge that your brain can learn things. Natural talent is overrated.

  • Finding Home

    Guest Writer: Amanda Nelson

  • Going Away

    This is hard for me to say. But January is my last month in my wonderful community.

  • Not a Dorm

    It Always Starts with Questions

  • Why Use Pseudo-selectors?

    What are selectors?

  • Needed: Diversion

    A Quick Intro to Pomodoro

  • Ruby Basics: p vs puts

    Setting up the file: