The Jobs

  • Creative Technologist

    inventHQ, Broomfield Library

    01-15-2019 to now

    • Creates programming and workshops for maker space patrons.
    • Uses experience with Raspberry Pis, microcontrollers, 3D printing, laser cutting, and various other technologies to provide technical support for patron projects and provide services to other city departments.
    • Teaches programming to various age groups, 9 years and up.
  • Web Developer

    Steven Label

    04-23-2016 to 10-21-2017

    • Initially consulted over “my odo tracker” project, an API which tracks manufacturing machine runtime. Currently patented as of 07-09-2018.
    • Created and managed said prototype API and added improvements such as reporting, job tracking, and operator performance.
    • Oversaw move from old company website to new CMS site, assisted management in styling choices and orientation to said CMS.
  • Web Developer


    10-01-2015 to present

    • Designed, built, and maintained custom websites for clients’ specifications.
  • Coding Tutor


    06-01-2015 to present

    • Teaching a variety of students of varying skill levels and ages.
    • Specializes in communication and people with attention deficit disorders.
    • Uses self-made curriculum based off of coding boot camp experience.
  • Teaching Assistant

    Dev Bootcamp

    03-01-2015 to 5-01-2015

    • Supported instructors by offering assistance to 20+ students while they completed the Dev Bootcamp curriculum.
    • Fielded questions regarding course material; Git workflow and Ruby basics.
    • Assisted students with technical challenges and debugging.
  • Presentation Tech

    PSAV Presentations

    06-01-2015 to 08-31-2015

    Coordinated and staged presentation technologies: lighting effects, video recording, and sound systems.

  • Advertising Rep, Graphic Designer (volunteer)

    Cheetah Conservation Fund

    02-01-2014 to 02-31-2015

    Coordinated with other volunteers to provide food, drink, venue, and live Cheetah to raise awareness of the dwindling Cheetah population.